Hyundai Launches Technical Training for Collaborative Robotics

June 19, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Hyundai Robotics provides collaborative robot training to prime its customers and employees for their business expansion into various industries.

The Making of Hyundai Robotics

Hyundai Robotics began business in 1984. The Korea-based company produced its first welding robot in 1987 and has since grown in its production capabilities and worldwide influence to produce 50,000 industrial robots in 2018. Hyundai has continued to expand its business within the areas of engineering, installation, test drive, the automation of robots and plants, and after-sales services. 


The official launch of Hyundai Robotics. Image used courtesy of Hyundai Robotics. 


In March of this year, Hyundai Heavy Industry Holdings demerged its robotics business department and officially set up a new subsidiary company launched as Hyundai Robotics on May 1st. The company aims to blaze a trail into the fourth industrial revolution by expanding from manufacturing industrial and cleaning robots to the smart factory business. In addition to these changes, Hyundai Robotics has been working on the launch of high-speed handling robots, cobots, and mobile service robots for provision to the electronics industry. 


Cobot Technical Training 

Recently, Hyundai Robotics provided the opportunity for its dealers and employees to get stuck into some cobot training. The training was led by researchers developing the Hyundai cobots and focused on their unique features. Training topics that were covered included the mechanical structure of cobots, the structure, and module of the Hi6 controller, Hi6 controlling robot language, how to use a teaching pendant, and more regarding hardware and software. 


Participants in a training session with the YL012 cobot. Image used courtesy of Hyundai Robotics. 


Participants also engaged in safety training and were shown how to use the robots before visiting a robot interaction booth. Getting up, close and personal with Hyundai’s cobots excited the participants, who showed their enthusiasm in a later question and answer session on applied solutions across the industry such as handling. 


Hyundai’s YL012 Cobot

The cobot taking center stage in the training session was Hyundai’s Red Dot Design Award-winning YL012 cobot. The 12kg payload cobot boasts an impressive work radius of 130cm with a swivel range of 180o. It has a sleek, organic shape, and flexible design allowing seamless human-bot collaboration in small workspaces. The curved design was chosen to help prevent crushing or collision injuries. Pneumatics and electric cables are integrated within the arm joints to achieve the smooth, finished look without right angles. 


The streamlined YL012 cobot. Image used courtesy of Hyundai Robotics. 


Other features include an ergonomic handle design, easy and convenient direct teaching, and LED flash lamps for worker safety. The handle design incorporates an easy-to-operate switch arrangement that allows workers to teach the cobot how to work in a direct and efficient manner.

Lastly, the cobot utilizes input-output ports for end effectors to enable the easy and fast application of a variety of different tools to the system. The YL012 cobot is set to be released onto the market within the first half of this year.