Keyence Releases LJ-X8000 2D/3D Laser Profiler Controllers

September 10, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Keyence released a series of laser profilers intended for high-resolution inline measurements, including six controllers for different applications.

The LJ-X8000 Series works with various materials and is capable of performing both 2D and 3D measurements.


Improving Imaging Capabilities

The new laser profiler by Keyence is capable of building profiles containing 3200 data points each. This profiler translates to the shape of targets rendered with high precision and high detail levels. Thanks to updated shape processing algorithms, the profiler also minimizes the effect of noise and eliminates tracking errors.


The LJ-X Series. Image courtesy of Keyence.


The devices come with 3D position correction, which allows the system, once configured, to calculate the alignment and tilt of each part by comparing it to a reference image. The LJ-X8000 Series is also compatible with Keyence's set of tools for programming 3D inspections to simplify image processing and functionality operations.

The platform enables users to complete fully customized measurements and inspections using the 3D images generated by the LJ-X sensor head. These take all XYZ surfaces into account, including height, distance, tilt, and angle, allowing the software to provide visual feedback, enabling easy confirmation that the measurement tool functions as intended.

Up to four heads can be connected to a single controller to take measurements and conduct inspections. These sensors can then operate independently or together to perform multi-point inspections of large targets.


LJ-X Series Offering Six Different Sensors

The LJ-X Series offers six different sensors to support quality control and process improvement in other industries.


The lineup of controllers. Image courtesy of Keyence.

The device's specifications are shown in the image above, vary in X-axis width, ranging from 8 mm to 720 mm, and scanning various-size targets. Since the LJ-X8000 Series can scan both 2D and 3D items, its applications are also varied. The new scanner can eliminate noise generated by differences in reflectivity and shape and develop a stable pin inspection profile.

Another 2D application is related to measuring car door panel flush and gap without touching the vehicle. Automating external appearance inspection becomes a straightforward process as the sensor settings don't need adjusting for variations in body color or size.

However, the LJ-X8000 Series can also be used for 3D pulley shape measurement because the sensor can detect chips and dents anywhere on the surface while the pulley is spinning. Inspection of mounted components is also possible with the new laser profilers since the height of mounted parts can be measured using the surface of the PCB as a reference. 

All LJ-X8000 Series models are already available on Keyence's website, complete with datasheets, CAD data, and manuals.

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