New Fully Integrated Embedded Vision Platform for IIoT

March 28, 2020 by Sophia Valente

Congatec announced the growth of its embedded vision platform with the development of a new solution platform for industrial-grade camera applications.

The company, headquartered in Germany with its U.S. subsidiary, develops computer-on-modules and solutions for applications in industrial automation, medical technology, transportation, and telecommunication.  


Innovating Embedded Vision and Technologies for IIoT

In regards to industrial automation, their embedded technology satisfies the challenges Industry 4.0 and IIoT on computer system design, including edge server and gateways. The application of embedded computing standards and the establishment of vast scalability ensure congatec’s platforms are optimized for even closed-loop engineering.

By combining embedded vision and embedded computing technologies, congatec’s adaptable technologies have become important in applications such as collaborative robots and autonomous robotic vehicles

The recently announced Embedded Vision Platform is trailblazing in its complete board integration of all components necessary for MIPI camera support.

The application-ready ARM platform’s extensive internal integration enables plug and play of camera technology. The product is optimized for use with congatec’s close partner Basler, but the plug and play connection is adaptable to a variety of embedded vision software such as boot loader, Android, standard Linux, or Yocto.


New Platform With Scalability and Customization

The noteworthy highlights of the new embedded vision platform are rooted in scalability and customization. The standardized SMARC computer-on-module connector is the key to both scalable processor performance and cost-beneficial customization.

Equipment manufacturers have the ability to easily customize performance metrics to actualize individualized system solutions that are “based on a comprehensive ecosystem of off-the-shelf components.”

The solution platform compliments congatec’s entire NXP i.MX8 processor series module portfolio, which boasts 12 distinctive processor configurations that range from powerful first-rate i.MX 8 to the low-power i.MX 8M Mini.

Adaptability is optimized in the modular concept design; I/O’s may be efficiently adapted to maximize cost efficiency. According to a press release from congatec, the new product meets all ease of use requirements. 


mipi kit

Conga-MIPI/Skit-ARM. Image used courtesy of congatec. 


The Embedded Visual Platform was developed with industrial applications in mind; it boasts long-term availability, ruggedness, low power consumption, and high scalability. These attributes open up a variance of market applications for the platform, including surveillance and access control systems in facility management, industrial inspection systems, augmented reality for maintenance, and image processing in medical technology.


Diving Into Embedded Vision System Development

Utilizing interactive graphical user interfaces with the platform benefits the integration of gesture and voice control, as well as opens the opportunity of employing artificial intelligence. 

Users should expect the product to “make it much easier for customers to enter the modular embedded vision world and greatly simplif[y] the development of customized embedded vision solutions,” according to Martin Danzer, Product Management Director at congatec.

Looking forward, congatec seems to be prioritizing integrated program implementation that eliminates the need for preparatory hardware programming, enabling users to dive straight into embedded vision system development.

In the new embedded vision portfolio, this is achieved through integrating camera drivers into the BSP of the platform’s vision kit.

In addition to the announcement of the embedded vision platform, congatec also revealed the development of a new commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) modular carrier board that can also be implemented into system solutions without the preemptive step of hardware development.

Both the COTS offering and the Embedded Vision Platform provide customization of I/Os and are optimized for small and medium-sized projects.


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