Omron Displaying New Mobile Robot and Other Technology at ATX West 2020

February 12, 2020 by Sophia Valente

Earlier this week, Omron Automation Americas announced an expansion of two of their most popular product lines: The LD mobile robot and the MicroHAWK series smart camera.

Both of these products will be on display at the upcoming Automation Technology Expo; the event will take place this week from February 11th through 13th in Anaheim, California. 


Omron Brings New Products to ATX West

ATX West is now in full swing in Anaheim, bringing the latest technology in automation, robots, equipment, assembly, & more. The show features live interactive demos for users and attendees to interact with new technology. 

This week, Omron will bring two new products to the showroom floor for improved traceability and flexible manufacturing. 


The LD 250 Mobile Robot

This new robot is capable of carrying loads up to 250kg, and optimized to accommodate transmission blocks, automotive seats, and bulky packaging materials. The product works alongside Omron’s Fleet Manager to operate a highly flexible transport system.

The current Fleet Manager is capable of controlling up to 100 varied mobile robots by managing traffic, battery, and vehicle navigation.

The robot aims to enhance the position of material transport in automation, a role historically held by workers pushing carts. The LD 250 avoids people and obstacles on the factory floor, and is capable of calculating the most efficient routes for material transport.

Fixed material transport technology relies on traditionally autonomously guided vehicles, which require facility modifications such as floor magnets and navigational beacons. The LD 250, as well as the other mobile robots in the LD series, is self-navigated and requires no facility adjustments to function efficiently. 

This model is well-suited for industrial automation as it is optimized to “achieve a system that can flexibly handle changing market demands.”  The new model utilizes multiple Omron technologies, including their High Accuracy Positioning System (HAPS), side lasers, and Acuity vision localization technology.

Furthermore, the LD 250 is vastly customizable, with adaptive material handling mechanics, courier systems, and special conveyor tops. The unification of the LD 250 with the Omron TM Series Collaborative Robot is significant because it represents a new market for “heavy-duty mobile manipulators that can handle manipulation tasks along with material transport.” 


In addition to the LD 250, Omron will be debuting the MicroHAWK 2.0.


Photo of the Omron LD250.

Omron's LD250, autonomous mobile robot. Image used courtesy of Omron. 


MicroHAWK 2.0 Series To Streamline Machine Vision Systems

The new MicroHAWK 2.0 platform will include two new models: the V/F400 and V/F300 Series Smart Cameras. According to a press release by Omron, the new products aim to “combine code reading and vision inspection into a single device,” with an overall goal of optimized traceability.

The models were developed to emphasize simplicity and precision in applied product inspections. This is achieved through liquid lens autofocus and a high-resolution 5-megapixel color camera. The utilization of Omron’s X-Mode algorithms ensures expansive code reading capabilities that include curved and textured materials. 

The compact size enables the cameras to be used for space-restricted equipment, and they boast a “wide variety of supported communication interfaces” that include ethernet and PROFINET.

Overall, engineers can expect the updates to the pre-existing models to facilitate product inspection by combining code reading and visual inspection into a single function, minimizing maintenance work and potentially lowering hardware costs. The cameras are expected to help engineers streamline machine vision systems in facilities as well. 

Both the MicroHAWK 2.0 models and the LD 250 showcase a strategic combination of complementary technologies into a singular product. Omron will be highlighting the traceability of the MicroHAWK models with a complete traceability demo, as well as demonstrating the navigational abilities of the LG 250, at ATX West this week.


Are you attending ATX West this week? Let us know if you are looking forward to new technology like this.