New Gas Find Camera From FLIR With Autonomous Leak Detection

March 20, 2020 by Jacob Ramirez

Why is autonomous leak detection important for industrial processes? 

FLIR Systems, a leader in industrial thermal imaging, has recently announced the release of their all-new FLIR GF77a Gas Find IR camera


FLIR Systems Advancing Gas Detection Technology 

The GF77a is a completely autonomous leak detection camera designed to detect a variety of gas leaks in industrial settings.

FLIR Systems is a leading developer of thermal imaging cameras, components, and imaging sensors. 

The company was founded in 1978, and produces thermal imaging cameras and components designed specifically for use in demanding industrial and commercial environments and applications. 


New GF77a Gas Find IR Camera

FLIR's newest addition to their product suite is the GF77a, and falls under the company's optical gas imaging (OGI) series of products. 

The camera is intended to be used at the upstream and midstream points in the natural gas supply chain. The camera allows natural gas operators, producers, and processors to easily, continuously, and autonomously monitor gas flow systems for otherwise invisible leaks. 


new flir gas detection

New FLIR GF77a Gas Find IR camera. Image used courtesy of FLIR Systems. 

The GF77a can be deployed in a variety of settings to improve safety and provide leak detection, including industrial facilities, natural gas power plants, and other energy production plants or facilities.


Unique With Fixed-Mount Leak Detection

Interestingly, the GF77a is unique to any other camera FLIR has designed before. This new IR camera is the company's first uncooled, fixed-mount leak detection solution, and is designed specially to detect a wide range of common industrial gases including sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane. 

The IR camera also functions as a temperature sensor, allowing the operator to monitor the thermal conditions of components in view and prevent overheating. These thermal capabilities are also especially useful for monitoring tank levels at any given time. 

Additionally, like other FLIR cameras in its class, the GF77a features the company's patented "High Sensitivity Mode," which enables the camera to greatly increase its gas detection capabilities and make plumes more visible to the operator.

The GF77a is designed with connectivity in mind, and the camera can be easily integrated into gas monitoring systems fulfill the demands of the oil industry, as well as allowing third-parties to easily and reliably fulfill their analytical purposes.


flir gas imaging

Thermal imaging as seen from the GF77a Gas Find IR camera. Image used courtesy of FLIR Systems. 


As a result, the camera comes with a range of accessories that can be used to match the application to the environment, while remaining ONVIF-compliant.

Finally, FLIR's GF77a features full Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling the camera to upload data remotely, as well as allowing the operator to control and monitor the camera from off-site. 

The GF77a and other cameras in its class fill a vital role in industrial processes. Leak prevention and hardware monitoring are vitally important along the natural gas production chain, and failing to meet this end can have potentially catastrophic consequences in terms of safety, efficiency, and operating costs. 


Do you use gas leak detection cameras?