Seegrid Debuts New Autonomy Platform with Human-like 3D Perception for Warehouse Automation

December 15, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Autonomous mobile robotics (AMR) provider Seegrid has released new information regarding the technology behind its autonomous lift truck Palion Lift.

The AMR is the company’s first autonomous lift truck and one of the few that features human-like 3D perception. The new details published by Seegrid show Palion Lift is heavily reliant on technologies obtained by the company after its Box Robotics’ acquisition.


“The Future of Intelligent Automation”

Founded in 2003 by Hans Moravec and Scott Friedman, Seegrid has grown in the last two decades to become a provider of AMRs and enterprise software for material handling.


Seegrid released new information regarding its Palion Lift AMR. Image used courtesy of Seegrid


Their goal is to create the “future of intelligent automation,” using sensor fusion technologies. Seegrid Palion AMRs are the company’s hardware flagship products and include the Palion Lift, Pallet Truck, and Tow Tractor AMRs.

Seegrid has also developed a Fleet Central enterprise software portfolio to manage the status and performance of its Palion AMR fleets and related flow of materials. Seegrid has raised 77 million USD since its inception, over two funding rounds, led by G2VP and Giant Eagle.


The Seegrid Palion Lift AMR

The Seegrid Palion Lift AMR was initially released in February of 2021 to help manufacturers speed up their digitalization processes. They achieved this by providing a new solution capable of automating the movement of palletized goods.


The Palion Lift AMR. Image used courtesy of Seegrid


The robot is designed particularly for applications requiring an AMR that can carry payloads from one point to another, placing them at heights of up to six feet with minimal or no changes to their facilities. The Palion Lift has a 3,500 lb capacity and can move at 4 mph.

“Palion Lift AMRs provide next level, 360° safety to flawlessly execute vertical movements and reliably self-navigate in busy, ever-changing industrial environments,” said the company’s CEO, Jim Rock.

The AMR is powered by a new generation of the Seegrid IQ software, the company’s proprietary technology behind the enhanced perception capabilities of Seegrid’s AMR fleet.


Seegrid IQ and the Box Robotics’ Acquisition

Now, Seegrid has confirmed the latest version of its IQ software relies substantially on technologies obtained by the company after its Box Robotics’ acquisition in October 2021.

Box Robotics specializes in mobile solutions, and more specifically, machines capable of reading high-definition maps, as well as using three-dimensional light detection and ranging (LiDAR) and deep learning.

The Seegrid IQ solution aims to bring together the expertise of both companies and now merges data from LiDAR, cameras, and machine learning models using a 3D computer vision system to provide safe and reliable material handling.


Video used courtesy of Seegrid


“Seegrid AMRs have the intelligence to perceive, plan, and control their movement, enabling them to reliably and safely perform in highly dynamic, complex, and fast-moving industrial settings,” explained Seegrid’s CTO Todd Graves.

Moving forward, Rock said the company would continue to focus on AMR development to provide customers with proven and scalable automation solutions.

“Palion Lift is just the tip of the iceberg as to what Seegrid IQ will deliver to the materials handling industry,” the CEO concluded.
For more information about Palion Lift, you can request the AMR’s brochure.