Parker Hannifin’s New V16 Bent-Axis Motors For Fast and Efficient Production

September 22, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

Parker Hannifin has created a new V16, hydraulically-controlled, variable displacement axial piston motor. The motor features increased efficiency and speed over other options on the market.

Parker Hannifin’s latest addition comes in the form of newly-designed, bent-axis variable displacement axial piston motor. The V16 motor series is an advancement of Parker’s V12 and V14 motors for increased performance and efficiency.


Variable Displacement Motors

Variable displacement axial piston motors are used in different industries and are commonly found on everything from mobile equipment to hoists and fan drives. They can be designed as either fixed or variable displacements. Parker's latest bent motors are variable displacement with hydraulic controls for the displacement variation. 

Other variable displacement axial piston motors can use electronic controls. The electronic controls for non-hydraulically controlled motors fit into one of two categories, either two position electric control or proportional electric control, depending on the intended application and need of the customer. 

Parker's V16 bent-axis variable displacement motor series

Parker’s V16 bent-axis motor. Image used courtesy of Parker Hannifin 


Parker V16 Motor Series

Parker Hannifin's Pump and Motor Division Europe's (PMDE's) new V16 bent-axis motor is the next phase of their already well-known V12 and V14 motors already in production and service worldwide. The V16 promises to help customers by creating better speed performance and pressure ratings, ultimately increasing safety and productivity for end users. 

The motors are expected to find their way into different industries, including construction, marine & offshore, oil & gas, and agriculture. The motor is designed to offer customers more precise control through the use of best-in-class displacement ratio (5.5:1) and a three-way valve. In addition, a unique differential piston control system adds to control precision for whatever application the motor may be used for.  

Parker's spherical piston design for speed and efficiency

Parker’s spherical piston design leads to increased speed and efficiency. Images adapted and used courtesy of Parker Hannifin


Spherical Piston Design

Parker is hoping to gain a speed increase of over 30% when compared to other motors on the market. This is made possible by the use of a patented spherical piston design with laminated piston rings to create better shaft speeds. A high pressure rating of over 550 bar (around 8,000 psi and 55,000 kPa) for heavy-duty applications. Customers can also expect a long service life out of the V16 motor in addition to the enhanced performance. 

Product Leader at PMDE, Christian Bengtsson, claims that their V16 is likely to be “the most efficient variable bent-axis motor on the market,” and believes that by the V16’s ability to reduce the consumption of power and cost of operating, OEMs utilizing Parker’s technology can reduce their carbon footprint. 

This higher efficiency is a result of a spherical piston design. The design helps the motor create a higher efficiency in relation to volume, with volumetric efficiency reaching nearly 99%. Fuel savings are also increased as a result of the ability to downstroke motors to zero displacement and idle.

The motors can be bought with a plug-in speed sensor to monitor motor speeds in certain applications. It is available as ISO or SAE versions that include flexible porting options for either radial or axial porting possibilities. The addition of speed and position sensors leaves customers the option to more closely monitor installed motors, should the need arise.  


parker's v16 bent-axis variable displacement motors

Parker Hannifin's motors can be bought with a plug-in speed sensor and are available as ISO or SAE versions. Image used courtesy of Parker Hannifin


Motion and Control

Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 company based out of Ohio. The company focuses on creating and manufacturing new technology related to the motion and control industries. They have been in business for over 100 years and help customers with engineering and expertise in the industrial and aerospace industries.