Sandvik to Acquire Leading CAM Software Company, CNC Software Inc

September 16, 2021 by Seth Price

Sandvik has recently acquired CNC Software, Inc., creators of the popular Mastercam computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software package.

CNC software will join the Design and Planning Automation Division of Sandivk.

“This is in line with our strategic focus to grow in the digital manufacturing space, with special attention on industrial software close to component manufacturing,” mentioned Stefan Widing, President and CEO of Sandvik.


Who is Sandvik?

Sandvik has been developing tools in this industry since 1862 to improve the efficiency of manufacturing and heavy industry. Their beginnings were in the iron and steel industry, playing a large role in perfecting the Bessemer Steel process.


The Sandvik logo. Image used courtesy of Sandvik


Currently, Sandvik services the additive manufacturing, mining, machine tools, heating, and digital manufacturing industries. The acquisition of CNC Software will primarily benefit the digital manufacturing industries.


An Overview of CNC Software Inc.

CNC Inc. is the developer of the popular Mastercam Software. They are leaders in both computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided machining (CAM) software packages.

CAD and CAM software packages are often integrated so that designs can go from a computer screen to a physical part quickly. Their CAD and CAM software has been used in many industries such as aerospace and automotive, which require custom machining parts.


Mastercam Software

Mastercam software is one of the most common CAM programs on the market due to its straightforward programming and ease of use. Even though Mastercam is easy to use, it does not sacrifice capability, making it possible to design and manufacture complex geometries.


Mastercam software in action. Image used courtesy of Mastercam


The Mastercam software plots tool paths to avoid collisions and optimize both time and energy during machining operations. Tool paths are available for end mills, lathes, routers, and virtually anything else that uses computer numeric control (CNC) for machining.

Mastercam also has several add-ons, such as support for five-axis curve machining, multi-axis tool support, etc.


Multi-axis tool routing. Image used courtesy of Mastercam


Several of the add-ons are specifically designed for extremely challenging applications, such as the “Blade Expert,” which can design turbine blades. Turbine blades require unbelievably tight precision machining due to the high speeds they are expected to spin, meaning any slight imbalance can lead to catastrophe.

They also offer the “Port Expert” for finely grinding and polishing gas ports. As any engine designer or car tuner knows, polished ports lead to better airflow into the combustion chamber, and thus better combustion, with more available horsepower.

Gas ports can be designed to promote laminar flow of gases instead of turbulent flow, meaning enhanced flow properties, less chance of “stale” pockets of gas, and reduced mechanical erosion.

CNC Software Inc.’s Mastercam software is one of the most powerful and versatile design tools on the market. When combined with Sandvik’s long history of industrial and manufacturing experience, Sandvik can now deliver complete digital machining solutions to various customers in virtually any industry. 

Aside from having intuitive software that aids in the design process, Sandvik can also provide recommendations and expertise in the “hands on” end of the machining operation. Customers can now speak to an expert, have a software and hardware solution installed, and get additional advice on how to design products from one source, instead of piece-mealing it together from multiple vendors.

Sandvik is hopeful that this acquisition will give them a leg-up in the CNC and CAD market.