SICK Enhances Condition Monitoring Capabilities for Latest Optical Feedback System in Servomotors

November 03, 2020 by Sara McCaslin

SICK Sensors announced the release of an intelligent add-on, known as the sHub, for use with their EDS/EDM35 servomotor feedback system.

The SICK sHub

SICK Sensors is known for its solutions for sensor application, including its InspectorP62x all-in-one vision sensor and collaboration with Microsoft on the development of industrial 3D cameras for commercial applications. 

Another one of their advanced solutions is the sHub. The sHub is an intelligent add-on sensor hub for the EDS/EDM35 motor feedback system that provides more actionable data for the condition monitoring of electrical drives. 


The sHub from SICK is their first intelligent add-on to their EDS/EDM35 optical feedback system for precision servo motors. Image courtesy SICK.


With its integrated acceleration sensor, sHub enables detailed, comprehensive monitoring down to a machine’s individual servo axes.  


Enhanced Data for Effective Condition Monitoring

SICK’s EDS/EDM35 is an optical motor feedback system with HIPERFACE DSL designed for high precision, dynamic servomotor applications in industries that involve tasks such as packaging and assembly. 

The information gathered by the feedback system includes basic temperature, revolution data, and speed, providing status monitoring, and a histogram data related to mission time.


The sHub combines intelligence and connectivity for easy integration with motor control systems.  Image courtesy SICK.


When the newly released sHub is added to SICK’s EDS/EDM35, it provides more condition data. 

In addition to speed, the sHub transmits information about the motor winding temperature of the servomotor and detailed drive vibration data. The data collected by sHub is transmitted to the controller via HIPERFACE DSL. When position and vibration data are gathered synchronously, sHUB significantly enhances the ability to gather data critical to condition monitoring.


sHub’s Impact on Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

The ability to monitor the condition of vital machines, often related to safety or highly dynamic functions, is key to maintenance paradigms such as condition-based and predictive maintenance.
Condition monitoring allows potential problems, such as an aging bearing or an overheating motor coil, to be detected before a catastrophic failure results. 

Motor and drive manufacturers can also benefit from the functionality provided by sHub, starting with how easy it is to integrate sHub with motion control systems. The combination of intelligence and connectivity into a single, future-proof package fully supports the implementation of Industry 4.0, which is becoming increasingly important to factory automation efforts. 

In addition, it leaves machine manufacturers with the ability to develop and offer their own predictive maintenance service plans based on the data they know sHub can provide.

The sHub allows technicians to monitor the speeds, temperature, and vibration of machines using precision servomotors. The sHub can reduce downtime and associated costs by preventing impending failures and ensuring that servomotors are serviced before costly damage occurs.

The sensor hub also makes it possible to forecast motor failure because of data collection and AI capabilities. 



SICK’s sHub is their first intelligent add for the EDS/EDM35 servomotor feedback system. It offers potential for both machine users who want to monitor the condition of the servomotors used in their automation solutions. It is also designed for machine and motor manufacturers who can leverage the data provided by sHub to offer condition-based maintenance services for their products.