Any alternative to RS View?

Why do you want an alternative to RSView? I see many respondents here have offered various other HMI’s, but if you are using AB PLC’s, RSView is the best choice. Not only do have preferred connectivity to AB PLC’s, you also get a
complete solution from one vendor. On top of that, RSView is no slouch when it comes to HMI, but don’t take my word for it, check out the North American market data (from ARC Services):

Wonderware – 32.2%
Intellution - 16.5%
RSView32 – 6.8%

Wonderware – 27.6%
Intellution – 20.2%
RSView32 – 14.8%

Wonderware – 25.7%
Intellution – 17.0%
RSView32 – 17.7%

These numbers are speaking volumes! As you can see, Wonderware is losing market share as well as Intellution.

RSView32 conversely has almost tripled its market share in the past 4 years to take over the #2 spot. Won’t be long and they’ll be in the #1 spot.

Why? Because they were (and still are) way ahead of everybody in the development of their product. The first to adopt MFC&T standards, the fist to be an ActiveX container (not a wrapper), the first to use VBA for scripting, the first to expose an object model, the first HMI as an OPC client and server, etc. Add to that great productivity tools, an intuitive development environment and the backing of Rockwell Automation.

The choice is obviously yours, but before you change to a different HMI, take into account all the 'facts', not the marketing fodder that most companies like to spread.
RSView is gaining market share because they're low-balling other software vendors to make sure that - you guessed it - you get your total solution (hardware and software) from one vendor. Once Rockwell has you it's costly to move to another solution (true with any HMI to be fair).

The vendor you buy your software from is a major consideration in my opinion. If it's rockwell, don't count on them showing up at your site if their software acts up unless you want to pay premium dollar for their services guys. Other products/reps differ widely.

Think long and hard about some main points: Will your system be networked with multiple nodes? Do you have any level of familiarity with a product already? Do you plan on extending your HMI/SCADA to other applications i.e. moving data to/from an outside database or software? Does your software choice REALLY support drivers for different hardware? What does the vendor provide in terms of value-add software that comes from the HMI company?

Kevin Totherow

I don't know the particulars of your relationship with Wonderware or your distributor but Wonderware does not make anyone buy the entire FactorySuite bundle if they only want InTouch HMI. You are right that there are many solutions.

The right solution varies greatly upon the situation and the perspective. The best package for a system integrator to get the job out the door could be the worst for the end customer that depends on the vendor for upgrades and support for many years. There are some neat little packages with lots of bells and whistles that are practically given away that will ultimately cost the end user a fortune in support, training, outside support, hotline service. Elegant technical solutions do not ensure that a company makes money - marketshare, support, training, and a company history of supporting the installed base is usually worth much more to an end user. It would be hard for me to say which HMI, DCS, or PLC is the better product unless it was quantified.
I have used RS View, Fi32 from Intellution and InTouch from Wonderware and cold safely recommend Wonderware's InTouch as it not only would suffice ur current needs but a very versatile yet powerfull HMI . I think Foxboro has taken over Wonderware....... Now Foxboro is also trying to reply their HMI with InTouch....

Use it you would be glad you read this....

Jigar Shah
Asst Manager
(Engg and Exports)
Tata Honeywell Limited

Charles Borrow

We have developed many application using Movicon. This is a good product, easy-to use, reliable and fast. Many native driver for AB PLCs.
Have a look at Http://
I hope this can help you.

Kevin Altomare, CA

It's worth looking into Citect ( The drivers are included for no extra charge (160+ drivers including lots of native AB drivers) so if you expand in the future you can talk to just about everything.

And importantly, they're the only mainstream SCADA/HMI supplier that is really independant!!