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I'm an IT specialist and now i need to know more about Industrial Control systems (Structure-Operation-Equipments-programming) specially DCS systems.

What is your suggestion?

From Where i must start to learn Industrial control systems?

Hi there,

Use Control.com to get answers to specific questions and also ask for links to specific areas you want read up on, on the internet.
For instance if you want to know more on how to program a DCS the ask on Control.com if someone have a suggestion about a good site where to learn how to do the DCS programming. Don't ask a question like "explain to me how to program a DCS"

If you get stuck ask again if someone can explain what you have red and don't understand. There is a lot of very experienced people on this forum so you will find answers to your questions, but the reading and studies you need to do yourself. We cannot do long explanations and training on this forum.

a Question like "explain to me what is a DSC, were is it use and how does it work" might still be acceptable although the answer will already be long so you might get better response if you break the question up in three questions.

Everything you need to learn is on the internet, use control.com just to find good sites and detailed questions on specific topics.

Good that you want to learn about DCS systems. All you have to do is:

1. First understand the difference between relay logic wiring, PLCs & their usage, then come to DCS, its features, usage. (all in brief).

2. Now, Understand the differences between PLC & DCS in terms of capabilities, in terms of application usage - where to use what?.

3. Once you have frozen your requirement to learn DCS - Now these questions arise. In what sense? Do you want to maintain them? Do you want to build applications using DCS? Or do you want DCS programming to get connected through OPC servers / biz servers?

So, understand these items first & let me know your area of interest. I will be able to help you once you decide what you want to do.