Easy-To-Use Automated Manufacturing Cells Built for Industrial Robotic Solutions

March 31, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Recently, Mills has released a new automated cell, SYNERGi 25, which can be easily integrated with their range of Doosan tools.

Mills CNC Automation encourages market adoption of automated solutions by introducing a cost-effective and performance-enhancing automated manufacturing cell.

Mills CNC Automation is a machine tool company serving a variety of manufacturing sectors including aerospace and defense, power generation, motorsport, oil and gas, medical, automotive, and general precision component manufacture.


Mills CNC Automation and Doosan Machine Tools

The company specializes in the provision of both industrial and collaborative robots. The company’s reputation is built upon the high performance, high-productivity, and accuracy of their Doosan machine tools. Recently, Mills has released a new automated cell, SYNERGi 25, which can be easily integrated with their range of Doosan tools.


synergy 25

SYNERGI 25. Image used courtesy of Mills CNC Automation.


The exponential growth and success of the industry 4.0 depends upon the integration of industrial robots with flexible automated manufacturing cells. Using the SYNERGi 25 system, manufacturers will be able to reduce costs, maintain quality performance and increase productivity. 

To find a way around this, Mills CNC and its expert team of engineers have designed a cost-effective, simple-to-use solution in the form of the SYNERGi 25 system. 


SYNERGi Automated Manufacturing Cells

SYNERGi 25 is the generic brand name for the flexible, automated cells produced by Mills. As the name implies, it features a 25 kg payload capacity and utilizes a secure, user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI). With HMI, operators can benefit from quality control, monitoring and inspection features and capabilities.

These systems promise versatility, with the ability to integrate with Doosan lathes, machining centers, and mill-turn machines. Further, they can be custom designed to suit numerous application needs and operate with more than one Doosan machine tool.

The system is comprised of locating plates, pneumatic 2- or 3-jaw grippers, integrated SICK safety systems, industrial robot fencing, a 17” touchscreen for navigating operations using the HMI, inspection and parts' ejector conveyor, and a high-capacity Fanuc industrial robot.


Automated System Built for Machine Components

The SYNERGi 25 cells incorporate an automated two-way drawer system for stacking, storing and loading workpieces and machined components. Using the single Doosan machining center option enables front door unloading or loading. This capability is also available with the Doosan lathe and two-Doosan machine tool options.



Automated manufacturing cell featuring a Doosan machining center. Image used courtesy of Mills CNC Automation.


Other optional equipment can also be added if required, including a parts turnover station, a higher payload capacity industrial robot, a 7th-axis robot transfer unit rail, and floor scanners.

Systems like SYNERGi 25 are set to revolutionize and streamline conventional manufacturing processes.

It serves as a solution that makes unmanned and lights-out operations economical, robust and secure.