New Motion Control Portfolio from Emerson Includes Servo Drives and Motors for Industrial Applications

October 26, 2020 by Ben Stepanian

Emerson unveiled new PACMotion line that aims to be more precise and more manageable for motion control applications.

This portfolio of servo controllers can be integrated to improve both power and efficiency for a system. 

This portfolio includes components such as motion controllers, servo motors, and servo drives. Not only does this portfolio include components, but it also includes software that handles motion configuration for most industrial applications.


Advanced Features of the Rx3i Drives

System simplification and advancements allow for operation with the PACMotion Graphical user interface. The servo motors and drives are plug and play systems, so configuration is a breeze.

The Rx3i drives offer new features in a smaller package that enables it to meet the industry's demands while fitting into tighter spaces. 

The PACsystems RX3i backplane is advanced enough to synchronize the motion of up to 40 different coordinate axes without sacrificing performance. These drives run on a variety of programming languages, which helps enable system integration as well.  


Emerson’s new PACMotion portfolio. Image courtesy of Emerson


The drives have the bandwidth and velocity loops to enable the servo motors to operate jerk-free and top-notch reliability. This is maintained through real-time feedback and monitoring, as well. 


GUI and Real-Time Feedback 

The combination of the GUI and real-time feedback allows the user to respond to anomalies that occur in processes and then update cycle rates. The servo motors are capable of a variety of configurations with rotational cable mounts.

These motors operate smoother than competing motors with low harmonic frequencies and low cogging torque. 


Emerson’s new PACMotion portfolio. Image courtesy of Emerson


Emerson's new PACMotion PMM345 acts as the brain for the previously mentioned components. Emerson claims that this component will save time and money for industries by utilizing real-time motion data and keeping logs on-axis position to keep the machinery up and running.

The controller takes the data from the axis position every 2-40 ms in 0.5 ms increments to ensure that the equipment operates as precisely as possible.  


Variety of Industrial Uses

Emerson's new portfolio of automated motion control devices offer capabilities that can be utilized in many industries. These industries include packaging, printing, material handling, semiconductors, food, beverage, and general manufacturing.

These industry advancements open the door for new manufacturing opportunities to further increase yield and other revolutionary technologies. 

"Our comprehensive control and motion portfolio simplifies design, development and commissioning with a single platform and toolset for discrete and hybrid manufacturers, and when combined with Emerson's industrial edge technology, enables customers to create intelligent machines with advanced IIoT capabilities for even greater productivity and efficiency," said Derek Thomas, the vice president of marketing and strategy for Emerson's machine automation solutions business. 

Automating processes has become a reliable choice for industries in recent years. Automation has opened doors for new work opportunities, fields, and careers. The options help integrate and advance our society into the next industrial revolution. 

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