Enhanced Analog Sensing With New Compact 5000 HART I/O Modules

June 03, 2024 by Austin Futrell

Rockwell PLC users can more easily integrate field-level analog HART devices with two new modules designed for the popular 5380 CompactLogix platform.

Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley Compact 5000 isolated analog HART I/O module blends traditional I/O functionality with HART capabilities. This integration offers industrial manufacturers a powerful tool to enhance industrial control systems with extended field-level sensor protocols.


CompactLogix chassis with new HART I/O modules

I/O modules with HART integration for the CompactLogix 5380 platform. Image used courtesy of Rockwell Automation


HART Integration and Advanced Diagnostics

HART stands for ‘highway-addressable remote transducer’. This is an industrial protocol that uses a common, simple 4-20 mA analog signal but modulates the electrical signal to provide 2-way digital communication between the controller and field device.

With HART integration, real-time visibility into device health becomes accessible for industrial operations. This integration allows continuous transmission of critical information from HART-enabled devices. Monitoring these parameters enables early detection of faults or anomalies, ensuring timely maintenance and minimizing unexpected downtime.

Advanced diagnostics provided by HART devices offer detailed insights beyond essential process variables. These include alerts for abnormal conditions, verification of loop integrity, remote access to device configuration parameters, and retrieval of additional variables aiding troubleshooting efforts.


Ease of Integration

Integration of these modules with the Studio 5000 Logix Designer platform can extend basic analog I/O with the benefits of HART data. This integration allows for displaying device health and diagnostics on operator screens, configuring alarms based on HART diagnostics, and storing and analyzing historical data for trend analysis and troubleshooting purposes. This proactive approach to device health monitoring and advanced diagnostics enhances operational efficiency and reliability in industrial environments.

In industrial settings, adding or replacing devices without disrupting operations is crucial for maintaining efficiency. With HART integration, this process becomes seamless. Users can hot-swap devices, adding or substituting them without shutting down the entire system. Additionally, devices automatically configure themselves upon connection, further easing the process. This capability significantly reduces downtime, minimizing production interruptions during maintenance activities.


CompactLogix module physical data

Physical features of Compact 5000 analog I/O modules. Image used courtesy of Rockwell Automation


Noise Reduction

In industrial environments, where electromagnetic interference and electrical noise pose significant challenges, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of control systems is paramount. Noise-sensitive settings like chemical plants, manufacturing floors, and power plants demand robust solutions to mitigate disturbances and maintain stable operations.

Enter the Compact 5000 isolated analog HART I/O modules, purpose-built to excel in such demanding conditions. These modules offer channel-to-channel isolation, safeguarding against noise propagation and ensuring that disruptions affecting one channel do not impact others. This isolation translates into reliable performance, accurate analog signal transmission, and enhanced stability, critical factors for maintaining control system integrity.

By integrating with PlantPAx 5.0 or higher, the module ensures compatibility with existing systems, simplifying configuration and operation. This compatibility enhances the efficiency of control environments.


What is PlantPAx?

PlantPAx 5.0, Rockwell Automation's advanced distributed control system (DCS), is tailored to meet diverse plant-wide applications. Its key features include cutting-edge process controllers that reduce footprint, simplify system architecture, and lower the total ownership costs.

With native process instructions embedded in the controllers, project teams can ensure consistent control strategies across projects or multi-site deployments. Streamlined workflows save development time while operators gain enhanced visibility into control logic in a secure environment. TUV-certified cyber security ensures system integrity, complying with international standards for electronic security. Ultimately, PlantPAx 5.0 accelerates digital transformation efforts, promoting productivity, profitability, and operational risk reduction from the control room to the boardroom.