Introducing Weintek’s Latest Compact, Standard Human Machine Interface

June 08, 2024 by Austin Futrell

Weintek has added a new device to its compact cMT X series of human machine interfaces (HMIs). The new HMI brings intuitive features and enhanced functionality to users.

Human machine interface (HMI)-focused provider Weintek has released its latest HMI, the cMT2058XH, which features significant upgrades to the company's earlier models. The cMT2058XH has a compact 4.3-inch display and promises a smooth user experience and top-quality specs to meet market demands.


Weintek’s new 4.3-inch cMT2058XH standard human machine interface

Weintek’s new 4.3-inch cMT2058XH standard HMI. Image used courtesy of Weintek


Weintek’s cMT2058XH HMI

Weintek’s new cMT2058XH HMI has many performance features designed to enhance user experience and efficiency. It runs on a quad-core processor for smooth and responsive operation, allowing for multitasking without delays.

With 1GB of memory, the HMI can effortlessly handle various applications and maintain optimal performance under different workloads. It also offers 4GB of flash storage to conveniently store numerous project files and critical data. The 800x480 high-resolution screen, equipped with wide viewing angle technology, delivers clear and sharp visuals from all angles, improving readability in any setting.

The cMT2058XH is not just a compact HMI; it's a powerful communication hub. It offers exceptional communication capabilities, making integration with industrial systems effortless. The cMT2058XH provides several connectivity options, including dual Ethernet ports, RS485 2W/4W, RS232, and MPI support. These connectivity features, which are unusual for a device of its size, ensure easy integration into various industrial setups.


Users can set the cMT2058XH interface in a dark or light theme to fit application and usability needs

Users can set the cMT2058XH interface in a dark or light theme to fit application and usability needs. Image used courtesy of Weintek


Remote Monitoring 

On the software side, the CMT2058XH aligns with the established standards of Weintek’s cMT X series, providing users access to a range of monitoring solutions, including virtual network computing monitoring, WebView web monitoring, cMT Viewer app monitoring, and Weincloud remote monitoring. These solutions empower users to optimize operations and enhance work efficiency.

Weintek’s Weincloud software, for example, simplifies data management and monitoring for industrial automation systems with its cloud-based solution. It enables the smooth transfer of HMI data to the cloud, allowing users to monitor device status remotely, visualize data, and analyze historical trends.

Weincloud provides an easy-to-use dashboard customization tool and robust security features, including SSL/TLS encryption. It has also passed rigorous third-party security certifications. Weincloud is suitable for a wide range of users, such as machine builders, system integrators, and anyone needing a cloud solution for industrial automation, regardless of their technical expertise.


Weintek’s EasyBuilder Pro features a graphical, user-friendly interface

Weintek’s EasyBuilder Pro features a graphical, user-friendly interface. Image used courtesy of Weintek


EasyBuilder Pro

The cMT2058XH HMI is designed with the user in mind. It features a reorganized menu system for easy navigation and enhanced feedback mechanisms for quick and informative responses. Powered by EasyBuilder Pro, programming the cMT2058XH is a task that anyone from a beginner to a seasoned expert can take on. 

EasyBuilder Pro, developed by Weintek, is a software platform designed exclusively for Weintek’s HMI devices. EasyBuilder Pro supports over 400 communication protocols, ensuring compatibility with various PLC brands. Its ribbon-style user interface enhances user experience, making navigation easy and efficient. EasyBuilder Pro boosts development efficiency with features like automatic PLC tag import, offline/online simulation, and the cMT Diagnoser tool for debugging. It also simplifies complex tasks, such as configuring sequential actions without requiring any coding.

EasyBuilder Pro also allows for easy HMI upgrades, enabling users to switch to a new model effortlessly by simply changing the model name. The software automatically converts most functionalities and provides detailed reports and modification guidance, eliminating the need for screen redesign. With EasyBuilder Pro, users can quickly and confidently unlock their Weintek HMI devices' full potential.