KUKA Launches New Compact Performance Robot for Electronics Industry and Beyond

August 19, 2020 by Sara McCaslin

The KR 4 AGILUS is KUKA’s newest compact robot, designed for use in automated production processes in the electronics and manufacturing industry.

Compared to previous generations, KUKA reports that the KR 4 AGILUS compact robot is faster, more powerful, and robust. Image courtesy of KUKA.

KUKA is already well known as an industry leader in robotics and automation, so it comes as no surprise when they recently released their latest contribution to robot-based automation in electronics manufacturing: the KR 4 AGILUS. This small robot is optimized to interact with electronics components in a limited space safely.


Specifications of the KR 4 AGILUS

The KR 4 AGILUS is designed for a payload of up to 4 kg with a reach of 600 mm. The reach is an increase compared to previous generations, and its standard workspace of 600x600 mm2 represents an almost 40% increase in the work envelope.


The KR 4 AGILUS. Image courtesy of KUKA.


Also, the KR 4 AGILUS can achieve excellent precision and repeatability with a repeat accuracy of 0.02 mm, or a maximum deviation of 0.02 mm per work step. And it can achieve concise cycle times as fast as 0.4 seconds.


Adjustable Mounting Options

The KR 4 AGILUS can be installed in any position (floor, wall ceiling) as standard and at any angle, making it extremely flexible. It has an integrated energy supply that is compatible with most connections and includes an internal media supply that supports air, power, and data so that it integrates easily with most peripheral equipment.

The KR 4 AGILUS also operates with the KR C5 micro, which is based on KUKA’s latest control technology with the KSS 8.7 system software, and a KUKA smartPAD. It also has a long service life and very low maintenance requirements.


ESD Protection and IP40 Protection Rating

The KUKA KR 4 AGILUS is designed for electronic manufacturing, however, its use is not limited to that area. It is suitable for assembly, handling, material transport, measuring, inspection, painting, gluing, and applying.

Due to its small size and excellent performance, the KR 4 AGILUS is ideal for small automation cells or for production environments where space is minimal.


The compact KR 4 AGILUS with an easy set-up. Image courtesy of KUKA.


What makes it ideal for working with electronics is its ESD protection: it is protected as the standard against uncontrolled electrostatic charging or discharging, which makes it equipped for the safe handling of sensitive electronic components.

It also has a protection rating of IP40 and an operating temperature range of 0 to 55° C, which indicates that the KR 4 AGILUS can handle some reasonably rugged work environments.

The KR 4 AGILUS from KUKA is a powerful, precise compact robot with ESD protection and an IP40 protection rating.

While it was optimized for use in the electronics industry, it has the potential for automation applications in many different industries. There is a need for a fast, flexible, low maintenance robot that can work in a limited space.