Nanotec Announces New Series of Brushless DC Motors

March 09, 2020 by Sophia Valente

Recently, drive solution company, Nanotec, released the APBA60 series, a collection of cutting-edge brushless DC motors.

The collection includes four models of varying lengths and power up to 400W. In addition to developing these new DC motors, Nanotec develops a variety of brushless motors.

Some of these motors include internal rotor motors, external rotor motors, and slotless motors.

Each type of motor has a specific function that is designed to be used in a variety of applications. These slotless motors are compact in size and offer high power density. 

Much like the other motors, the new series of brushless DC motors are designed to provide an alternative to AC servos motors while still having the same flange size. 


New and Updated Motor Models

The updated motor models have the capacity to match the power threshold of AC servo motors with a 60 mm flange. Users have the choice between a 200W and 400W model, with the former having a peak current of 18A and the latter 36A.


nanotec brushless dc motor

The APBA60M048030-E DC Motor. Image used courtesy of Nanotec


The voltage and speed for all of the brushless DC motor models are the same at 48V and 3,000 rpm. This is designed so these motors can be used interchangeably within different systems and operations. 


New Motors with IP65 Rating

The motors have an IP65 rating, meaning they are protected from total dust ingress, and protected from low-pressure water jets in any direction. DC motors in the line come standard with either an integrated coder (-E) or an encoder and break (-EB.) 

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of the new motors is compatibility.

They are mechanically compatible with AC servos motors of the same flange size, and their low voltage opens the door to applications in medical environments and other settings where standard AC servos require supplementary insulation and safety protocol. 


Equipped with Battery-powered Applications

In addition to the IP65 rating, the line’s low voltage maximizes use in battery-powered applications. This includes AGVs, service robots, and cobots. This came from the increasing need for cobots in the industry. 

The APBA60 series has the potential to be a highly compatible option for cobots, especially considering they are brushless so require fewer replacements and preventative maintenance than a standard DC motor.



Do you use brushless DC motors such as this one? What else are you hoping to see from Nanotec in 2020?