POSITAL Offers New Encoders and Sensors With Environmental Protection

March 10, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

How will newly-developed encoders and sensors with IP69K-rated environmental protection help with equipment manufacturing across industries?

For over 50 years, a leading manufacturer in industrial automation, POSITAL, has been designing sensors for safety assurance systems and motion control.

Their products include rotary and incremental encoders, inclinometers (tilt sensors), linear, kit encoders, and other accessories.

POSITAL is a member of the FRABA Group, a company developing the latest technology and products in the industry.

In this industry, pressure-washing is an important process used for cleaning heavy equipment. This can be done in a number of sectors including agriculture, construction, sanitizing food, processing machinery, and medical equipment.

Sensors and rotary encoders need to be durable and resilient to withstand the high temperatures and powerful water-jet systems associated with pressure-washing.

POSITAL has recently released sensors and encoders that qualify for IP69K level environmental protection.


New Sensors and Encoders With IP69K 

To classify the degree of protection provided to a devices’ internal components, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), created an IP rating system.

POSITAL's sensors and encoders with IP69K level environmental protection can withstand pressures as high as 1,450 pounds per square inch, temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celsius and water spray for at least two minutes.

Providing added environmental protection for motion and position sensors reassures manufacturers and system integrators. This supports the development of equipment that is reliable, more easily maintained and durable.


New Sensors With Rugged Compact Design

POSITAL's TILTIX static and dynamic tilt sensors incorporate IP69K protection. They also feature a rugged, compact design and dual-sensor technology.

These sensors can be integrated with no need for mechanical linkages, only installation. They are highly accurate at detecting a degree of tilt and are designed to minimize accelerations, vibrations, and shocks.


posital sensors

TILTIX inclinometers. Image used courtesy of POSITAL.


This means they can effectively reduce any measurement mistakes incurred by rapid bursts of motion. These tilt sensors can be used to improve operating safety for mobile machines and equipment and platform monitoring for a variety of industries.


Rotary Encoders Can Withstand Industrial Environments 

Additionally, POSITAL's IXARC absolute rotary encoders also feature IP69K protection, a compact design, and high resistance to shock and vibrations.

These encoders can be applied to factory automation or control systems for mobile machines.

They are designed to operate safely within environments with dangerous levels of explosive gases or dust. They can maintain shaft position information when power loss to the system occurs and ensure reliable positioning. 


rotary encoders

IXARC absolute rotary encoders. Image used courtesy of POSITAL.


POSITAL's tilt sensors and rotary encoders are available with a large number of interfaces to suit the needs of designers and engineers who work in large-scale factory environments.

Some of these interfaces include analog, CANopen, J1939, SSI, Modbus and IO-Link. 



Will you be using these new sensors or encoders?