ROEQ Releases New 130kg Cart System for OMRON LD-90x AMR

June 06, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

ROEQ looks to help OMRON AMR users enhance logistical fleet capabilities through the introduction of their new TMC130 and by use of the TR1000, both increasing AMR payload possibilities.

ROEQ Increases OMRON AMR Payload Capabilities

ROEQ, the company deriving its name from RObotic EQuipment and founded with the mission of enabling more standardized, flexible cargo-hauling systems for AMRs, recently released a new compatible cart system built to work with the OMRON LD-90x.

The TMC130 cart is used to help increase the payload of the OMRON LD-90x from 90kg (198 lbs) up to 130kg (287 lbs). The cart was showcased at this year’s Automate show to give potential customers a first-hand look at what the system might offer their companies.


ROEQ's TMC130 system for OMRON AMRs

ROEQ’s new TMC130 product promises to increase the payload capacity for OMRON AMRs.


ROEQ has worked to create a solution that safely and reliably allows end users to expand the capabilities of their AMR fleet, even in space-constrained applications. The TMC130 is considered the ‘little brother’ version to the larger TMC500, released in September of 2022. The TMC500 has a payload capacity of 500kg or roughly 1100 lbs. The ROEQ TMC500, is built to work with OMRON LD-250 robots, effectively doubling their payload capacity.


ROEQ Standardized AMR Accessories

With the development of the TMC130 and TMC500 AMR solutions, ROEQ is looking to develop a standardized accessory lineup for end users of AMRs. The idea of making AMR accessories standardized seems quite tangible, since AMRs are typically employed in a fairly limited range of tasks: mostly logistics and warehouse applications that involve moving pallets, carts, and cobots.

However, differing equipment and infrastructure can mean extensive in-house modification to AMR fleet equipment to allow successful integration depending on each individual application. ROEQ envisions a future with more standardized integration equipment for the common applications, much like off-the-shelf gripper systems that can be easily found for industrial and collaborative robots.


ROEQ TMC130 cart system

ROEQ TMC500 top carrier cart system mounted on an OMRON LD-250


ROEQ has explained that their first OMRON products received a positive market reception and Automate 2023 gave them an opportunity to show potential end users the advantages of integrating such a system into their processes. The TMC130 can be used to increase payload in smaller, faster moving applications where larger carts may have difficulty, such as moving smaller products between shelves or carrying tool carts between workstations.


Features of the TMC130

The TMC130 is a compact cart system that can be used with the OMRON LD-90x, and is capable of docking from both sides of the cart, similar to other ROEQ cart systems. With free space pick up and drop off, the cart is capable of fitting into many different applications easily. The addition of the ROEQ TMC130 makes the addition of shelving and crates to the cart a possibility. Mounting holes predrilled into the TMC130 allow end users to customize the cart to their specific needs with the addition of light towers and other accessories.

Assist software is available to help with the smooth integration of the cart onto the OMRON AMR in a consistent manner. The addition of a side-mounted laser system can help with collision avoidance and the cart fits under all relevant safety standards. The cart comprises six wheels that fit on either side of the AMR to accept most of the weight from the payload being moved; this is how an AMR with a certain payload rating can carry more than the maximum weight.


High-Payload Top Rollers

ROEQ also has more products in the development phase which it hopes to release later this year, including a lifter and a high payload roller system for Mobile Industrial Robot or MiR. The heavy duty top roller can support a payload of up to 350kg (772 lbs) when used with the MiR600, and 1000kg (2204 lbs) with the MiR1350. The top roller is called the TR1000 and was showcased as well at this year's Automate.


ROEQ TR1000 top roller system

ROEQ’s TR1000 top roller system for easy load and unload operations.


The footprint of the TR1000 is 56.5” x 45.7” (1435mm x 1160mm), and can be used to move most large, heavy objects. In addition, the ROEQ GuardCom system is available to provide a safe and reliable connection instead of using potentially unreliable wifi for communication. The roller speeds are adjustable to fit end user requirements, from 0.01 m/sec to 0.17 m/sec, and a built-in position sensor helps relay product positions where necessary.