Schaffner’s Unique Locking Plug Prevents Accidental Unplugging

September 07, 2022 by Seth Price

Schaffner releases new power connector, expanding on their IEC lock connector offerings to prevent accidental unplugging and for reducing electrical noise.

Schaffner Holdings offers special locking plugs that keep power cords connected and power flowing to computers and other electronic devices. Their newest model, the IL13P-S, is a C14/C20 IEC, dual-locking power connector. These plugs will see service in data handling equipment, such as servers and data centers, medical equipment, and some industrial equipment. 


Schaffner's IEC lock connector inlet filter and outlet filter

The IL 13P-S, Schaffner’s newest connector. Image used courtesy of Schaffner


Accidental Unplugging

At first glance, accidental unplugging is a nuisance, but does not seem like a major issue. If a single workstation computer gets unplugged, at worst, maybe some data is lost. However, a piece of medical equipment getting accidentally unplugged could mean a matter of life or death. An unplugged robot in a manufacturing environment might restart randomly if accidentally unplugged, which may not be safe for nearby workers. There are many other instances where unplugging a device accidentally can cause significant danger or damage.

The Schaffer Locking Plug has specially designed clips that keep the plug securely in the socket. These locking plugs will provide surety in these mission-critical applications.


Reduced Electrical Noise

Plugs that are loose may rest in the socket and provide seemingly continuous power to devices. However, just because the device does not appear to have been unplugged does not mean that it has a solid connection. For example, imagine a computer monitor with a loose connection. Occasionally, the cord will wiggle loose and the operator will push it back into place. As long as the operator sees the screen each day, they do not see the problem. That loose connection, however, may occasionally cause arcing and generate electromagnetic interference (EMI), which can disrupt wireless communication methods, corrupt data on sensitive instrumentation, and lead to other problems.

With a locking plug, the connection is sure, keeping the pins connected in their sockets. This will reduce EMI and keep these signals uncorrupted. 


Schaffner's IEC power connectors for inlet filters

Schaffner’s earlier slimline locking plugs for inlet filters, the  IL 13, IL 13 P,  and IL 19. Image used courtesy of Schaffner


IEC Power Connectors

The new locking plugs developed by Schaffner are offered in a number of domestic and international standard connectors. The locking plugs are two-pieces, one for the power cable and one for the inlet receptacle. The inlet receptacle of many devices can be modified to accept the locking mechanism, and the power cable can be supplied with a built-in connector. 

The cables are rated to 10 A, 15 A, and 20 A, and are suitable for up to 250 V. Cables are available in four colors (red, blue, white and black), and a variety of lengths, ranging from 0.5 meters to 4 meters.


Power Solutions

Schaffner has been serving industrial and manufacturing clients since 1962, as innovators in the fields of power continuity and quality. They provide power solutions, including plugs and cables, EMI filters, antennas, transformers, and other electrical equipment to clean up signals and limit data corruption in these demanding environments. Besides the locking plug connectors, they produce filters for both high and low frequency filtering, as well as power factor enhancement. Their devices are found in the medical, automotive, and data services industries.