Baumer Releases New Control Components for Flexible Systems

October 01, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

Baumer, an international control and sensor technology company, announced two product offerings that solve notable issues in the industrial control sector.

Baumer is releasing two new products, both of interest to the industrial control community. The first is a customizable approach to force measurement amplification, and the second is a camera with its own cooling system that can capture precise images in extremely hot environments.


Baumer DAB10 Measuring Amplifier

Baumer recently released the new DAB10 measuring amplifiers that are easy to adapt for almost any strain-based force sensor as well as integrate, commission, and test.

One of the key features of this new measuring amplifier is its flexible parametrization. The flexible parametrization via IO-Link allows signal range, scaling function, and analog output to be individually adjusted to achieve optimal, highly precise results for very different applications. 


The Baumer DAB10 measuring amplifier makes it possible to easily customize the output and performance of almost any strain-based force sensor. Image used courtesy of Baumer


The Baumer DAB10 also includes additional smart functions whose implementation does not require complex PLC (programmable logic control) programming efforts. These smart functions allow users to easily configure the output of signal states and function control, as well as real-time detection of fast signals through synchronous recording (using sample and hold functions) or peak detection. 

In addition, the Baumer DAB10 supports remote access for performing full virtual simulations of sensor functions and a full array of signal conditioning tools.

Industrial applications of the DAB10 force measurement amplifier include robotic automation, which may monitor loads or adjust to changing parameters within a system. Force control is often an important part of industrial automation in general.


Baumer CX.XC Cameras

One of the challenges for industrial cameras is temperature: high temperatures can have a negative impact on picture quality, including defective pixels and noise. This can especially cause problems for high-precision image and measurement applications that must be performed in high ambient temperature environments.


The Baumer XC.CX cameras have an integrated cooling system to help them obtain accurate images and measurements even in extremely hot ambient environments. Image used courtesy of Baumer


The Baumer CX.XC cameras address this problem through an integrated cooling pipe that uses compressed air in the two- to three-bar range or liquids pressured up to six-bar to dissipate heat near the camera lens and sensor. 

These cameras eliminate the need for additional cooling components, which can save both time and cost. The first of the Baumer CX.XC camera series will be 5-megapixel models using Sony Pregius sensors and are fit for applications involving high-precision image capture as well as measurements in the µm range.

Industrial applications for the Baumer CX.XC cameras include digital imaging and measurement in the vicinity of furnaces, incinerators, ovens, kilns, boilers, and other high-temperature environments where the performance of cameras is often compromised.

The DAB10 measurement amplifier and its accessories are already available through Baumer but the Baumer CX.XC self-cooled cameras will not be available for purchase until later this year. Both products, however, hope to help solve issues in industrial control.