Double the Payload: OMRON’s LD-250 with Cart Solution from ROEQ

October 05, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

Via collaboration between OMRON and ROEQ, the payload potential of OMRON's LD-250 autonomous mobile robot has doubled from 250 kg to 500 kg with ROEQ's TMC500 cart solution.

ROEQ, founded in 2017 in order to build useful equipment for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has joined forces with OMRON Robotics and Safety Technologies. The relationship has helped to extend the capabilities of OMRON’s LD-250 AMR by doubling the carrying capacity of the robot. The partnership also helps ROEQ expand its products to another brand of AMR for a broader reach in the AMR equipment market. OMRON was one of the first companies to successfully implement an AMR fleet, which it did in 2013. The fleet of AMRs is still in operation today.


OMRON's LD-250 AMR increased payload with ROEQ's Cart500 solution

OMRON’s LD-250 AMR now has an increased payload with ROEQ’s cart solution. Image used courtesy of ROEQ


Autonomous Mobile Robots from OMRON

OMRON's LD-250 autonomous mobile robot was first released for purchase in 2019 and, in its performance class, has proven to be a fast growing solution for customers. The LD-250 is an expansion of the LD-90 AMR, which has a payload of 90 kg. The LD-250 is based on the same technology that first made the LD-90 a successful industry AMR, but with a 160 kg payload increase. 

ROEQ and OMRON have worked together to develop and expand the capabilities of the LD-250 to give customers a less expensive option for an even higher payload. The new technology allows customers to realize the benefits of an AMR for heavier lifting without having to upgrade to a larger, more expensive AMR. The LD-250 was first released for purchase in 2019 and, in its performance class, has proven to be a fast growing solution for customers. With ROEQ’s TMC500 solution, the LD-250's payload goes from 250 kg to 500 kg.


The Cart500 can be easily picked up and dropped off by the LD-250 AMR. Video used courtesy ROEQ


The Cart Solution from ROEQ

Included in ROEQ's TMC500 solution is a top module, fitted on top of the LD-250, and the Cart500 with mounting holes which is picked up via retractable pegs on the LD-250's attatched top module. The smaller footprint of the LD-250 gives it greater flexibility when maneuvering in tight spaces, and gives customers a space saving solution for a high-capacity, small-footprint AMR. To ensure greater logistical efficiency, the robot is capable of docking the Cart500 from either side. 


ROEQ's Software

In order to help the LD-250 locate and attach to the cart, the LD-250 has a built-in cell alignment software solution. For ease of use and seamless integration between the ROEQ TMC 500 and the LD-250, standard software has been included. The software ROEQ Assist and ROEQ safety zones definitions help customers with preinstalled software, saving time. In addition the software works seamlessly with the OMRON operating panel.


ROEQ and OMRON's partnership expand autonomous mobile robot capabilities

ROEQ and OMRON’s partnership aims to expand what AMRs are capable of. Image used courtesy of ROEQ



The partnership between ROEQ and OMRON looks to expand the capabilities of OMRON's AMR fleet while simultaneously expanding the footprint of ROEQ’s AMR equipment. The LD-250 can expand its carrying capacity from 250 kg to 500 kg with the addition of the ROEQ TMC500 solution. The extra carrying capacity hopes to give customers greater efficiency by making fewer AMR trips as a result of larger batch sizes and increased cart capacity. The system is expected to become available to customers by the end of 2022.