SIKO’s New Position Sensor With IO-Link Interface

July 27, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

The latest networked position indicator from SIKO, the AP05 IO-Link, is bus compatible and compact. Its user-friendly, easy-to-read display and reduced set-up and installation time make for simple I/O technology.

SIKO is a pioneer in bus compatible position indicators. They have recently released their latest product addition in the form of the AP05, the most compact position sensor made by SIKO to date. It comes available with an IO-Link interface.

The sensor aids in part change over and helps operators by displaying the setpoint values automatically. The sensor comes with a backlit LCD display that makes it easy for operators to make adjustments to their work by looking at the display. It is also compatible with mechanical SIKO meters and mounts directly to them. SIKO hopes that their new device will help to create an improvement in IO-Link capable position indicators.


SIKO's AP05 IO-Link displays setpoints and actual values on LCD display

SIKO’s AP05 IO-Link displays setpoints and actual values on its LCD display for greater usability. Image used courtesy of SIKO


AP05 IO-Link 

Machines and lathes need accurate adjustments performed any time the machine is changed to manufacture different parts. The AP05 IO-Link is a position indicator for monitored size changeover. The sensor is used by machine operators to display the setpoint and actual value simultaneously on the LCD display. This gives operators greater comfort and confidence when adjusting the spindle on machines for part changeover.  

The sensor was built in hopes of helping to simplify the process of part changeover on a production machine for a new product. The instant feedback on where the machine is set helps operators to find and eliminate errors quickly. This can reduce errors with format changes and helps to decrease set up times. The instant display of actual vs setpoint values allows operators to immediately see problems that can occur as a result of inaccurate adjustment. With this information, efficiency is increased as a result of less broken tooling and less chance of part rejects. 


compact position sensor for easy installation
Due to its compact size and the addition of IO-Link, SIKO’s latest position sensor requires less wiring and cabling, making for easier installation. Image used courtesy of SIKO


Easy Machine Control System Integration

The AP05 IO-Link is a higher-level machine control system that displays setpoints, actual position values, and position status. With all of this information, the sensor is able to help convert the manual spindle adjustments into a monitored process. The IO-Link interface is an addition to the proven serial interface system. This means that the sensor can be integrated with simple point-to-point connection and easy to use I/O connection technology. 

With the addition of IO-Link, the sensor greatly reduces the amount of wiring and cabling necessary to support the system. IO-Link master islands can be used for the modular networking of several AP05 position indicators, giving the system powerful network connectivity. SIKO believes that integration times will be reduced because of the simplicity and standards of the cabling. In addition, diagnostic features can help to reduce downtime in the event of errors or problems with the sensor. 


LCD display and magnetic absolute encoder
LCD display with two rows and a magnetic absolute encoder are just some of the features included with the AP05 IO-Link. Image used courtesy of SIKO


AP05 IO-Link Features

The AP05 IO-Link comes standard with many different features including a magnetized absolute encoder and a magnetic scanner. These features help to shape new possibilities for customers created by the sensor. Additionally, the sensor is capable of fitting into tight spaces as a result of built in high compactness and an optional cable outlet.

In order to fit the SIKO counter DA04, the AP05 IO-Link has been fitted with a torque bracket that allows clearance for both components. The AP05 IO-Link also comes with optional IP65 rating, meaning that the sensor can be used in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry.