Banner Releases Compact, Programmable IO-Link Master with Ethernet

September 08, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

Banner's new DXMR90-4K IO-Link Master is a self-contained programmable controller, compatible with industry IO-Link standard devices to collect factory data to send directly into the cloud for different operations.

Banner Engineering has recently released their new DXMR90-4K IO-Link Master, a device developed to collect factory data to send directly into the cloud for different operations. The system is capable of collecting data from the brains of most automation and robotic devices including PLCs, SCADAs, and HMIs. Banner is looking to help customers get their data onto the cloud with a minimum amount of effort, and the DXMR90-4K IO-Link Master has been designed to fit into their Snap Signal Product Family


Banner Engineering IO-Link master

Banner's new DXMR90-4K IO-Link Master, a Snap Signal Product. Image used courtesy of Banner Engineering


Snap Signal Product Family

The Snap Signal family is a product lineup designed to help customers link their key equipment into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). With advancements in cloud computing and the IIoT, manufacturers are seeing the benefits of machine connectivity to better monitor and analyze their equipment via the cloud. It can lead to advancements in efficiency and reduced downtime through monitoring and preventative maintenance.  

The Snap Signal system is capable of capturing data signals from virtually any source to create an overlay network. Once the data has been collected, it is then able to translate the sources into a single industry standard protocol that can then be easily distributed and consumed. With Snap Signal, customers can easily monitor isolated key equipment or monitor the entire facility depending on users current needs. Snap Signal products include a controller, IO-Link masters, IO-Link hubs, converters, a serial data radio, connectors, and additional devices.

The DXMR90 is the system controller and can take multiple sources of information to transform into a useful standard protocol. IO-Link Masters are used to help customers gather more real time data from a larger number of sources. More sources translate into more accurate data collection and monitoring of plant processes. The IO-Link hub collects discrete signals from devices that it then converts into an IO-Link data stream compatible with the DXMR90. The IO-Link Hub can also be used in a traditional manner to create signal transmission with large numbers of discrete inputs/outputs to higher-level control systems.  

The S15C and R45C converters can be used to make dissimilar devices transmit data and talk to each other seamlessly. It makes it possible for older systems to talk with newer systems and previously incompatible devices by translating digital, analog, and other signals into IIoT protocol. The final piece in the Snap Signal family is the R70SR Serial Data Radio, which can be used to transmit signals wirelessly from equipment, helping to extend the range of Snap Signal. 


Banner Engineering's Snap Signal Product family

The DXMR90-4K IO-Link Master, a 'key' element between device signal and the IIoT. Image used courtesy of Banner Engineering


The New DXMR90-4K IO-Link Master

The new DXMR90-4K IO-Link Master is the key element between device signal and the IIoT. It is a self contained programmable controller that is compatible with industry IO-Link standard devices. It is an industrial controller that transmits detailed information from multiple sources to create a unified protocol out of different sourced signals. This creates the possibility for real-time analysis and consumption of machine data. The system also has the ability for edge computing by using logic and data manipulation.  

The device contains four IO-Link ports and uses diagnostic data via Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP/IP.  It has been designed to integrate into most control platforms with Add-On Instructions (AOI) to make integration easier for customers. The DXMR90-4K is made to be small to fit into tight spaces. It is powered by a standard M12 connector and IP67 and IP68-rating, eliminating the need for a specific enclosure to protect it from dust and liquids.  


Banner Engineering's DXMR90-4K IO-Link Master

The IO-Link master transmits data through HTTPS or MQTT protocols. Image used courtesy of Banner Engineering


Modbus connectivity is possible but the device is designed to accept incoming IO-Link signals, without the need for modbus connection. The data is transmitted through four different female M12 ports for Ethernet connection, making it possible to transmit to networks such as Banner’s own Cloud Data Services or Amazon AWS. The data is transmitted through HTTPS or MQTT protocols, enabling real-time analysis.  


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