KEB Debuts Asynchronous 3-Phase Low-Voltage High-Power Motors

June 10, 2024 by Damond Goodwin

The new DM160 motors are highly configurable and offer users an efficient space-saving design providing up to 36 kW with IP65 ratings for many different industrial applications.

KEB, a manufacturer of customized industrial automation products, has recently announced the release of a new power output range of 3-phase asynchronous motors. The motors promise to help better meet customer-specific needs with a more versatile motor configuration.


Powerful Motors for a Wide Application Range

Efficient motors are a major benefit when designing automation equipment that has space constraint considerations. Providing maximum power output while retaining a minimum footprint offers users a significant advantage in cost savings in the design process and ease of use throughout a motor's lifespan.


New motors from KEB Automation

The new DM160 motors from KEB Automation. Image used courtesy of KEB


Higher Output and Many Uses

The motors are being produced in-house by KEB Antriebstechnik in Schneeberg, and are optimized for use with KEB Motor Drives. The COMBIVERT F6 and S6 drives can accept different motors and can optionally be upgraded to an IP65 rating if necessary. That IP rating allows the motors to be used for applications where dust and water intrusion are a concern, a common problem in many harsh industrial environments, including:

  • Transportation
  • Packaging
  • Molding
  • Plastics
  • Intralogistics
  • Food and beverage


The new DM160 motors have a shaft height of 160 mm which follows the terminology of the model number. For mains operation, the motors can produce between 11 and 15 kW of power. A more powerful option is available, however, and DM160 motors with the inverter option can make an impressive 36 kW of power. The inverter is able to produce a higher power rating through the use of 100 and 120Hz power operation, effectively ramping up the amount of power possible from the same size motor housing. Such higher frequencies are not recommended for all general-purpose motors.


Features of the DM160

The motors fit into the common IE3 energy efficiency class, meaning they encompass a premium level of efficiency helping manufacturers save on energy costs. All DM160 series motors fit into a modular scheme. The modularity ensures that the appropriate KEB brakes, encoders, and fans are a direct fit for the new motor configuration. This gives customers access to all of the cooling options available for KEB’s other motors, including:

  • Internal fans
  • Forced air cooling fans
  • Metal, and flywheel mass fans
  • Non-ventilated options


KEB Motor lineup

Many different options and configuration are available for the DM160 to suit manufacturers individual needs. Image used courtesy of KEB


The motors are compatible with different encoder systems, allowing customers to choose between absolute and incremental encoder options. Absolute encoders give customers access to known motor position data at any given time, and incremental encoders can provide users with access to data about changes in position from a known location.

KEB’s COMBISTOP spring-applied brake and the COMBISTOP B electromagnetic brake systems can be added to the motor for applications requiring motor braking. The electrically active pieces of the system were supplied using the DA160 model but KEB will be changing this to allow for production of the new DM160 variant. All parts will be produced in-house by KEB, allowing for greater flexibility for their customers who use them to operate plants and machine-building systems.